Live Streaming

Is your audience located in the virtual world as well as in your venue? Want to share the festivities? We have the cameras, the gadgets and the know-how to stream your event live online – whether that’s to one person or one million!

Think about how much better your end-of-year presentation would look with multiple camera angles and crisp, clear audio. Present your AGM to your shareholders – live – via a private link that they can watch on their phones. Add an extra element to your live auction, inviting bids from far outside your walls. Invite guests from all over the country – or all over the world – to take part in your virtual training courses, complete with professional video mixing and on-screen graphics. We can even insert your PowerPoint slides directly into the video, so people viewing remotely won’t miss a thing.

…and, of course, live-streaming your gig, music festival or other event to countless online fans is a piece of cake!

We can publish your video, live and as-it-happens, directly to major social media networks like YouTube or Facebook, or you can host it yourself using a bespoke service. Share the link as widely as you’d like, or keep it close to your chest, with an invite-only private screening.

Good video streaming is more than just using a fuzzy webcam with its built-in microphone – but TBD Productions can make the process just as easy.

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