Wi-Fi and Internet

We can bring the internet to your event, whether you’ve invited a thousand people or just a handful. Secure network architecture means we can separate and prioritise backstage access, while still providing the public audience with a reliable connection where other solutions fail.

Whether it be providing a link for your point-of-sale devices, a passworded and secure wifi connection for backstage, or a long-range security camera solution, TBD Productions has the gear – and the know-how – to make it work.

Nobody carries cash these days, so your bar or merch desk really needs to accept credit cards. But when your salesperson’s at the most remote part of your venue, running an internet cable there can be a hassle you don’t want to deal with.

Some banks offer mobile alternatives, which take time to connect and require the sort of reliable 3G link that can be difficult to provide in large groups of people.

…and this is where TBD Productions comes in! Even if you don’t have a wired internet connection to your venue, we can help.

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